Creating a Positive Difference in Your Life and the Life of Others

Introduction, Understanding, and Application Series

By Dr. Bob Ruotolo

New Series Introduction

This new series is subtitled ‘Introduction, Understanding, and Application’ because that is exactly what it does:

  • Introduction- introduces you to new concepts and tools;
  • Understanding- it explains how these concepts and tools can positively affect your life and the life of others you choose to interact with and share your knowledge and experiences.
  • Application- this is where it all comes together, learning and practicing how to make it happen. Applying what you know to make your life better and the life of others around you!

Here is the first in our series.

Four Power Tools

What if in less than 500 words I can give you a gift that can change your life forever, would you read on?

Here it is: Four Power Tools. You already have these tools in your possession and you use them every day. The CHALLENGE is changing these ordinary tools into extraordinary tools! Sounds like a play on words? Yes, it is and it works. What are each of these tools? They are: thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions.

You already possess and use every one of these tools every day. You can change them from ordinary to extraordinary just by the CHOICES you make when using each tool. JUST FOLLOW AND RESPONSD TO THE ENERGY THAT IS GIVEN OFF FROM EACH TOOL AS YOU USE IT. Yes, you can just FEEL the difference and respond, focusing on the energy field being given off in the moment, POSITIVE energy or NEGATIVE energy. If it is not positive, stop! Let go, clear, reframe, re-engage.

Before you stop reading, we are less than 200 words, read on and allow me to elaborate. Much of how we respond to the world around us including how we respond to ourselves is through our Mental Conditioning (habits of thought) and the belief system we have acquired over time (attitudes). These thoughts and attitudes are reflected in how we speak to and about ourselves and others (words), and our behaviors (Actions).

Follow the energy! Negative thoughts, attitudes, and words foster negative actions. Positive thoughts, attitudes, words foster positive actions. This is all about, first, awareness; second, conscious choice (respond not react) to the energy you are feeling about the consequences of your anticipated actions- move forward if positive, stop if negative.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Before you are in a situation where you have to respond quickly, treat every situation as an opportunity to gain mastery over managing your actions by ‘tuning in’ to your thoughts, attitudes, and words. Stop to listen to your ‘thoughts’ and ‘words’’, FEEL the energy generated by them, and respond accordingly. Is it ‘positive’ or ‘negative’? Sometimes we refer to this as your ‘gut’ reaction. You have heard the saying, “Go with your gut”. Now ask “why do I feel this way?” This exercise above demonstrates how to use reflection, contemplation, action.

Our next session will focus on a tool called RE-FRAMING, a mental process that compliments and supports taking positive actions.


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