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“Dr. Bob, what do you do? What is this Organization Development anyway?”, asked Larry

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Larry was a computer science engineer assigned to an Office Automation project with me at Imperial Oil Limited. Our challenge was to design a ‘Change Management’ process that would deliver improved performance and savings to the bottom-line. My role was the organization development consultant on the project making a behavioral science contribution to achieving the project objectives.

After working closely together for six months on the project, Larry came to me and said, “Bob, I now know what you do and how you do it!”

I was so surprised with what Larry came up, so simple, so accurate. I would like to share it with you.


This is what Larry called it from what he observed. He then proceeded to define and break the Robert’s Rules on Procedure into the following seven components:

  • Responsiveness- the ability to assess where the client is, and to respond in a manner that indicates a ‘willingness and desire’ to assist. Acts as a partner, accepting ownership for his contribution to defining and achieving objectives.
  • Understanding- brings a knowledge and experience base that adds value in creating meaningful options to both define and achieve desirable objectives.
  • Openness- the ability to be candid, open-minded, and responsive to evaluating options.
  • Trusting- reinforces, enhances an environment consisting of clear agreements and objectives coming from the leadership and supported throughout the organization. Creating a culture of mutual respect and appreciation. One that treats ‘mistakes’ as a learning opportunity rather than blaming.
  • Ownership- accepts responsibilities and accountabilities assigned. Encourages that behavior in others by clarifying expectations; positively recognizing and acknowledging others for their contributions. Addressing potential conflicts early for resolution.
  • Learning- initially and continuously bring a sense of inquiry and fostering the value of learning from our experiences and that of each other. Celebrating breakthroughs!
  • Organization development- focusing on the organization as an open, socio-technical system to be enhanced as an operating entity through clarity of vision and purpose, developing functionality on an individual, team, and organizational levels.

In summary, I found Larry’s framework very helpful in communication to others what I do as an OD Consultant. What is also very unique and clever about his seven components is that the first letter in each component when put together spells RUOTOLO!

Secrets to Life’s Success

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Over the next few weeks I want to share with you some of the success
secrets that I have passed on for years to executives and their teams
leading large enterprises. These same secrets apply to people who would
like to be truly successful in their lives, whether they are on or off “the
playing field.”

As I am sure you have been told many times success begins with you. You
have to define success for yourself in your own life. No one can define it
for you. At the end of the day… at the end of your life, you will
determine whether or not you live a satisfying and fulfilled life. Others
may evaluate your legacy through your impact on others.

I will share with you the outline we will follow over the next several weeks
and we will apply these teachings to your experience in designing your life
style and making your career/business choices. The applications of these
teachings will be a guide to you no matter where you are in your life and
what path you choose to go.

We will cover:

  • A framework that you can use to define your pathway to success!
  • Five Principles for both personal and business success
  • Defining your core values and beliefs to guide you on your success journey
  • Dynamic leadership and development
  • Four Power Tools that will unleash the positive energy in you and your team!

As we progress, I would love your response to what you read here, your
comments and questions. Let’s make this interactive. I want this dialogue
to be of value to you. The above is an outline of what I would like to
share with you. However, I am ready and willing to deviate from it if you
have more pressing issues to be addressed.