Dr. Bob Ruotolo

Dr. Bob Ruotolo

Chief Inspiration Officer

Dr. Bob Ruotolo has developed a system that enables you to transform your life, your career, and/or your relationships. Beginning from the inside out discover who you truly are: your desires, passion, purpose, strengths and limitations. From the outside in discover how others see you and why. Learn how to apply a set of tools and methods to redefine your direction in life and how to succeed in implementing the goals to fulfill your true purpose(s).

Bob Ruotolo is a life and executive coach, consultant, speaker, and author with over 30 years of experience in leadership and organization development. Bob engages his clients with high-energy providing them with the tools and support they require to transform their lives.

He works with his clients individually and in groups only after they have a full understanding of the commitment required on their part to fully engage in the transformation process. The engagement and commitment process consists of 3-4 sessions and is framed by 4 Core Values.

Dr. Bob has designed and implemented ‘change management’ efforts within, and as a consultant to, major corporations including AlliedSignal Inc., Exxon USA, Imperial Oil LTD. – Canada, Government of Bermuda, Bank of New South Wales, Australia, C.D. Howe Institute, and Petroleum Association for the Conservation of Canadian Environment. Dr. Bob holds a doctoral degree in staff development and organization change from the University of Pennsylvania and has published several articles and books including INSPIRATION AT WORK – Igniting a New Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Individual and Corporation; and CREATING YOUR DREAMS AND MAKING THEM REAL: A Coaching and Mentoring Guide.