A testimony from a satisfied client

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Here is a great example of how I am using Dr. Bob’s service. When I first met Dr. Bob he asked me to do a DISC and other personality tests. I later was asked to do the same by another Eliancer who actually reviewed my results (which were pretty much identical to what Dr. Bob provided to me). She told me how I liked to work with people, what I don’t like…basically nailed the first 55 years of my life. Fast forward to last month. I agreed to accept an assignment with a client who I am helping get her business up and running. I am going to be her CEO until things are running as smoothly as possible. I asked my client to meet with Dr. Bob. She has done the tests and this next week we are meeting with Dr. Bob to make sure we understand each other as best as possible before we truly move forward with our partnership. We intend to do the same with the first two employees we plan to hire in the next couple of months. Furthermore, we intend to work with Dr. Bob to develop our job descriptions to we cull out the characteristics of the people we want as best as possible.

I recommend Dr. Bob and his services to most of my clients at some point in the processes to starting and/or developing their businesses. What he brings to the table is invaluable for the development of true Internal Customer Loyalty on the way to true End Customer Loyalty and ultimately long term business success!

Thank you Dr. Bob.

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